Gr. 11 Media Art Culminating Assignments

It’s amazing what can be produced when you’re given full creative freedom!  Students created a media project of their choice to cap off the semester.  The type of technology and the theme was up to them.  The students really blew this project out of the water and came up with some incredible ideas.  Here are a few samples of work…

Click on one of the thumbnails below to view the calendar created by Emma-Lee Goulding

Adobe Illustrator

Melissa Reid
11×17 inches
Combination of hand drawing and digital drawing on Adobe Illustrator

Stu Mulholland created an animation using caricatures he drew of his classmates.

Sarah Burtch created a series of fairytale style self-portraits.

Sarah BurtchHybrid Photoshop Piece

Sarah Burtch
Hybrid Photoshop Piece

The WaitingHybrid Photoshop Piece

The Waiting
Hybrid Photoshop Piece

The WickedHybrid Photoshop Piece

The Wicked
Hybrid Photoshop Piece

Hannah Pokotylo experimented with photography and typography to create this series of quote posters.

Matthew Bento created a series of Photomosaics.

Alex Yuen experimented with gel transfers. He manipulated images on Photoshop and then manually transferred them onto his guitar.

Alex YuenGel Medium Transfer

Alex Yuen
Gel Medium Transfer

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