Gr. 12 Media Art Culminating Projects

Courtney Heyman has had a love for owls all semester (and for likely much longer).  After designing her owl themed cards before Christmas she decided to continue with that theme  for her culminating project.  She had her owl design made into a stamp and created everything needed for an owl themed party.  She created invitations, place cards, and stationary digitally, and hand stamped wrapping paper, gift bags, and ribbons.

Giftbags, wrapping paper and bows

Giftbags, wrapping paper and bows


Place cards




Greeting Cards

Vanessa Verin created an animation in Adobe Flash.


Erin Couch created a hybrid piece combining mini digital polaroids of her photographs with thread, a mirror and a variety of textured papers.  She presented it in the form of a vintage vignette on critique day.

Erin Couch

Erin Couch

Ollie Parkins created a character named Steve.  In Photoshop a series of animated GIFs were created that showcased Steve’s personality.  It was presented in the form of a website that can be viewed by clicking below.

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