CAPPA Awards

The annual CAPPA Awards were held last night at RND.  Awards were given out to students who exemplify excellence in the Arts.  Many students and parents came out to view the art exhibition by the Visual Art, Media Art and Communications Technology classes which was held an hour before the show began.   The event showcased performances by the Improv Team, Gr. 12 Guitar class and graduating art students who put together a touching medley of songs from the past four RND shows as a tribute and thank you to the RND community for supporting them in the arts over the past four years.  David Redner created a video that was played at the end of the night that showcased all of the great things happening in the Arts at RND.  The night was an incredible success and congratulations go out to all of the nominees and award recipients.

Click on one of the thumbnail images below to view the gallery of photos from the event.

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