Gr. 12 Media Art Culminating Projects

The senior students ended the year by creating some incredible experimental art pieces.  Students created a huge variety of pieces including Stop Motion Animations, GIF animations, Hybrid Paintings and Collages, Interactive Video Installations, Choose Your Own Adventure Graphic Novels, Children’s Stories and digital paintings.  Below is a sample of some of the great projects they produced.

Emma Goldstein explored Macro Photography and displayed her photos in a beautiful glass house with the orchid she chose as her subject as the centerpiece.

Sarah Sanders created a series of collages that combined digital and tactile elements.  The series of three pieces were created as a tribute to a very important family member and showcased all of the life lessons Sarah had learned from him.

Rhys Davies created a GIF Animation that plays off of the Photoshop toolbar and artboard.

Ahmed Omer combined video and digital painting to create this animated GIF.


Lexa Poulos designed an interactive book where the viewer has the opportunity to choose the outcome of the story.  The story had an environmental theme and all of the images and characters were designed by Lexa using Adobe Illustrator.  Below is a sample of two pages from the book.

Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover


Alecz de Castro created a story with an environmental theme as well and used photography as well as digital drawing and painting to create the graphics for her children’s book.  Below is a sample of some of  the character’s in her story that go on a journey to  try and be recycled.

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