Gr. 12 Media Art Introductory Photoshop Assignments

The Grade 12 Media arts class has just finished their Introductory Photoshop Assignment. They were to create a piece that expressed themselves in any way they wished. As you can see, all the students have a very different style from one another and it is looking to be a very promising semester.

Sydney Pivato 400x259 Gif

Sydney Pivato

Gina Gavel  17 x 11 inches

Gina Gavel
17 x 11 inches

Ashlee Earle 11x17 Inches

Ashlee Earle
11×17 Inches

Molly Goodfellow 11x17 Inches

Molly Goodfellow
11×17 Inches

Emma-Lee Goulding 17x11 Inches

Emma-Lee Goulding
17×11 Inches

Selena Benevides 11x17 Inches

Selena Benevides
11×17 Inches

Ciahna Mazzeo 11x17 Inches

Ciahna Mazzeo
11×17 Inches

Stu Mulholland 11x17 Inches

Stu Mulholland
11×17 Inches

Melissa Reid 17x11 Inches

Melissa Reid
17×11 Inches

Nicholas Walsh 11x17 Inches

Nicholas Walsh
11×17 Inches

Alex Yuen 11x17 Inches

Alex Yuen
11×17 Inches

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