Grade 12 Gif

These animations were created by students using the timeline feature in Adobe Photoshop.  The results are pretty awesome!

godzilla pepsi- Jake

Jacob Wisniewski


Kristofer-Aiden Lehtimaki-Flannagan

GIF - Simon

Simon Cummings


Logan Cooper

Downey GIF

Kale Downey

wink-animation - audrey

Audrey Chabot

wind - gif animation -Lydia

Lydia Meier


Digital Painting

The Grade 12 Media Arts class explored digital painting using our Wacom pen tablets.  The results are pretty incredible!  For most students, this was their first time creating a full painting digitally using Photoshop. Check it out.

Northern Lights

Grace Taugher

Painting Assignment

Denver Torfason

Painting Assignment - Leroux

Jarret Leroux

finalpaint (1)

Sydney Eliot-Wilson

landscape final (1)

Bella Meban-De Groot

kelis photo painting assignment

Keli Hawley


Meg Erb

Steph Curry Digital Painting - Medeiros

Dylan Medeiros

Media Arts Culminating Projects

Gabby Garofalo

Digital Painting

Lize Freundorfer

Digital Painting with Hybrid elements

Freundorfer- Culminating

Kianne Bearman

Digital Painting, GIF


Liam Hamilton

After Effects, Photoshop painting


Kali Kincaid

Digital Painting and Photography

Kyle Collier

Photography, GIF Animation

Gillian Lackie

Digital Painting with Hybrid elements

Lackie- Culminating Project

Alice Longtin

Photography with Hybrid design

Izzy Little

Digital Illustration

Poster color

Jordan Vanwyngaarden

Digital painting, GIF Animation


Erik Helmer

Photography and GIF Animation

Erik helmer

Grade 12 Photography Portfolios

The Gr. 12 Media Arts class was given the task to take creative photos under a theme to create a portfolio. They were challenged to do only minimal Photoshop edits allowing the photography skills to shine through, but were given creative freedom on one photo to explore fun adjustments on Photoshop. Take a look at a few of the portfolios!

Kianne Bearman

Grace Cordeiro

Erik Helmer

Izzy Little

Liam Hamilton

Sarah O’Brien

Shannon Coady 

Grade 12 Photoshop Skills

As a refresher for the Grade 12 Media Arts class, students created a project about themselves that expressed some of their interests while also regaining familiarity with Photoshop.

Grade 12 Media Art Culminatings

Melissa Reid digitally illustrated characters from Alice in Wonderland and designed her own deck of cards.

Melissa Reid Originally designed card box

Melissa Reid
Originally designed card box

Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid
Original Playing Cards

Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid
Original Playing Cards

Alice In Wonderland Card Game

Alice In Wonderland Card Game

Gina Gavel digitally painted a series of GIF animations.

Gina Gavel GIF Animation

Gina Gavel
GIF Animation

Gina Gavel GIF Animation

Gina Gavel
GIF Animation

Gina Gavel GIF Animation

Gina Gavel
GIF Animation

Holly Hamilton planned and designed an original photo editing app called VintIt.

Holly Hamilton

Marie Martin designed these quote illustrations and transferred them on to handmade pillows.

Marie Martin

Marie Martin

Hannah Pokotylo researched the history of Vogue magazine and the portrayal of women over the years.  She recreated a series of VOGUE covers dating from 1940-present, using her own Photos of RND students and original headlines.  Click on one of the thumbnail images below to view the gallery.

Molly Goodfellow created a WEB ART piece where she created characters and a fictitious story in the form of a blog with all original photography.  It’s a fascinating blend of creative writing, photography, and web design.  Click here to view the blog.

Ashlee Earle created a Claymation style Stop-Motion Animation inspired by Tim Burton.