Digital Painting

The Grade 12 Media Arts class explored digital painting using our Wacom pen tablets.  The results are pretty incredible!  For most students, this was their first time creating a full painting digitally using Photoshop. Check it out.

Northern Lights

Grace Taugher

Painting Assignment

Denver Torfason

Painting Assignment - Leroux

Jarret Leroux

finalpaint (1)

Sydney Eliot-Wilson

landscape final (1)

Bella Meban-De Groot

kelis photo painting assignment

Keli Hawley


Meg Erb

Steph Curry Digital Painting - Medeiros

Dylan Medeiros

Media Arts Culminating Projects

Gabby Garofalo

Digital Painting

Lize Freundorfer

Digital Painting with Hybrid elements

Freundorfer- Culminating

Kianne Bearman

Digital Painting, GIF


Liam Hamilton

After Effects, Photoshop painting


Kali Kincaid

Digital Painting and Photography

Kyle Collier

Photography, GIF Animation

Gillian Lackie

Digital Painting with Hybrid elements

Lackie- Culminating Project

Alice Longtin

Photography with Hybrid design

Izzy Little

Digital Illustration

Poster color

Jordan Vanwyngaarden

Digital painting, GIF Animation


Erik Helmer

Photography and GIF Animation

Erik helmer

Google Doodle Animations

Gr. 11 Media Arts students digitally painted their Google Doodle Animation designs in Photoshop representing a specific theme or event.  Click on any image to open the gallery and view the animations.

Grace Taugher

Grace Taugher

Gillian Lackie

Gillian Lackie

Thalia Hoxford

Thalia Hoxford

Grace Caddick

Grace Caddick

Emily Benton-Hayao Mizaki's Birthday

Emily Benton-Hayao Mizaki’s Birthday

Amber Allport

Amber Allport

Dylan Medeiros

Dylan Medeiros

Grade 11 Quote Posters

The Gr. 11 Media Art students completed a unit on typography. They studied various font styles and learned to balance visual interest with legibility and readability.  They each selected a favourite inspirational quote and created a poster in Adobe Illustrator. Take a look!