Grade 12 Photo Composite Piece

Here, The grade 12 students learned how to digitally meld photos to create pieces of art.  Each student used their photography skills to take photos, and uses Photoshop create these works.



Photo Composite - kristofer-Aiden

Kristofer-Aiden Lehtimaki – Flannagan

Photo Composite- Lydia;0

Lydia Meier

photo composite - audrey

Audrey Chabot

Neve Albrough - Photo Composite

Neve Albrough

Grade 12 Phone Case Designs


In this assignment, the grade 12 students were tasked to design their own phone case using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

When they were finished, the students were able to order their own customized phone case.

homer simpson on fruit world

Jacob Wisniewski

Kristofer-Aiden - iPhone 6s case

Kristofer-Aiden Lehtimaki – Flannagan

laptop skin - audrey - 10.2 x 15.2 in

Audrey Chabot

Logan Cooper

Logan Cooper

Lydia - IPhone 8 hard case

Lydia Meier

phone case- Jake Wis

Jacob Wisniewski


Simon Cummings


Aiden Zabukovec

Design Skin Assignment - Kale Downey - Universal Laptop 15.2 in x 10.2 in

Kale Downey

Grade 12 Gif

These animations were created by students using the timeline feature in Adobe Photoshop.  The results are pretty awesome!

godzilla pepsi- Jake

Jacob Wisniewski


Kristofer-Aiden Lehtimaki-Flannagan

GIF - Simon

Simon Cummings


Logan Cooper

Downey GIF

Kale Downey

wink-animation - audrey

Audrey Chabot

wind - gif animation -Lydia

Lydia Meier


Digital Painting

The Grade 12 Media Arts class explored digital painting using our Wacom pen tablets.  The results are pretty incredible!  For most students, this was their first time creating a full painting digitally using Photoshop. Check it out.

Northern Lights

Grace Taugher

Painting Assignment

Denver Torfason

Painting Assignment - Leroux

Jarret Leroux

finalpaint (1)

Sydney Eliot-Wilson

landscape final (1)

Bella Meban-De Groot

kelis photo painting assignment

Keli Hawley


Meg Erb

Steph Curry Digital Painting - Medeiros

Dylan Medeiros