Grade 9 Group Of Seven Paintings

The Grade 9 Visual Art classes captured the beauty of nature in this painting study. These paintings were done in the style of the Group of Seven. Each student chose a painting done by one of the seven artists and worked on recreated the colours and brushwork of the selected painting. Below are some examples of the students’ talented interpretations.


Abbey Spence


Hailea Hughson-Landon


Carina Gummert


Grace Taugher

Gr. 9 Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art is the theme of the Gr. 9 Visual Art course this year. ┬áRecently, the Gr. 9’s were lucky enough to have a visit from two Aboriginal elders Tammy and Bernard. ┬áThe students participated in a drumming circle and learned about the spiritual traditions of Aboriginal culture.

Emma McLean

Below is a sample of some of the Gr. 9 Aboriginal Art Paintings.

Rebecca Ross

Rebecca Ross

Matt Jansen

Matt Jansen

Lizzy Emberley

Lizzy Emberley

Emma McLean

Emma McLean


Panthers In The Wild

Nature is inspiring the next generation of panthers at RND. The grade 9 students in Mrs. Latour’s Grade 9 art class enjoyed the last of the warm weather. They were instructed to find a piece of nature that inspired them and sketch it. The class worked diligently out in the sunshine and created some amazing drawings.

??? finds inspiration in nature

Krista Walsh finds inspiration in nature

??? displays his drawings

Colin Clark displays his drawings

??? and ??? enjoy the warm weather

Peter Medeiros and Lucas Garofalo enjoy the sunshine

??? and ??? working hard at their sketches

Haliea Hughson-Landon and Abbey Spence work hard at their sketches