Grade 12 Culminating

These are some of the culminating activities from this years grade 12 class.

As you can see, many different students had different ideas and styles.


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Neve Albrough designed a series of tattoos, and then used Photoshop to place them on different people.


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Audrey Chabot illustrated her own tarot cards, her subjects being reptiles.


Logan Cooper created a GIF animation that was inspired by the Fort McMurray fires.

Panel 1 - final

Kristofer-Aiden Lehtimaki-Flannagan

panel 2 - final

Kristofer -Aiden Lehtimaki-Flannagn

Panel 3 - final

Kristofer-Aiden Lehtimaki -Flannagan

Kristofer – Aiden was inspired by artist Matt Rhodes.  He created a series of images that convey a story without dialogue.


Simon Cummings


Aiden Zabukovec

culminating gif

Jacob Wisniewski

Simon, Aiden and Jacob all studied different comic book artist, and created a series of comic books themselves.


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Lydia Meier wrote and illustrated a beautiful children’s story.

Canon Challenge

This semester’s Grade 11 class was given a task:  they were separated into groups of two to take a photo of a specified object.  The catch was that they only had two minutes to take the photograph, and they couldn’t take the same photo as the last group.

This challenge was inspired by canon