Grade 12 Culminating

Check out the culminating projects from the Grade 12 students! They chose any form of digital media (photography, digital painting, vector illustration, animation, etc.) and created a piece of artwork that reflects at least 2 of the Principles of Media Arts: Hybridization, Point of View, Duration, and Interactivity.

Alice Goodberry


City Scene 1 (1 of 1)Milla Lesic


Mathis Cournoyer


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Anya Freundorfer


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Lauren Lavictoire


Olivia Ows

Grade 12 Vector Illustrations

This was the Grade 12 students’ first time using Adobe Illustrator! They experimented with the pen and gradient tools to create vector graphics – images that use mathematics rather than pixels to store the information so that the images can be resized without every getting blurry.

zero 2 Madi

Madi Scott


Lavictoire-Illustration taskLauren Lavictoire


Ows Vector Illustration-01Olivia Ows


Mathis Cournoyer - TeddyMathis Cournoyer

Grade 12 Conceptual Photography

Grade 12 students chose between creating a series of at least 3 conceptual, surreal photographs, or creating a photo composite by seamlessly stitching together multiple photos on Photoshop. This project combines knowledge of camera settings, Lightroom photo editing, composition, and Photoshop editing skills.

composite assignment mediumAnya Freundorfer


MediumLogan Cooper


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Anna Faaren


Lost and Found (1 of 1)Olivia Ows


Photography Project - Composite 2 - Mathis CournoyerMathis Cournoyer


Wu Composite lighterCaroline Wu


Conceptual Photography copy 2 - MillaMilla Lesic

Grade 11 Remembrance Day Posters

To commemorate all the soldiers who fought for our freedom, the Grade 11 students created Remembrance Day posters using their choice of digital media – photomontage, digital painting, and typography. These posters were printed and displayed outside the gymnasium for the Remembrance Day school mass, which many students’ military parents attended.

Chepil Remembrance Day (1)Jessica Chepil


remebrence (cole carter)Cole Carter


chabot rem dayEm Chabot


Wright - Remembrance DayAngel Wright


Summers- Remembrance DaySophie Summers


Dora-Rememberance DayMichael Dora


Lackie - Remembrance DayBrett Lackie