Grade 12 Media Arts Conceptual Design Projects

Jordan McEvoy %22Lost%22

Jordan McEvoy
Photoshop 11×17 inches

'Hope' Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh
Photoshop 11×17 inches

Ahmed Omer - Fantasy vs Reality

Fantasy Vs. Reality
Ahmed Omer
Photoshop 11×17 inches

Zachary Niles-True Strength

True Strength
Zachary Niles
Photoshop 11×17 inches

Lexa Poulos - 'Life as a Moment'

Life as a Moment
Lexa Poulos
Photoshop 11×17 inches

Keigan wemp fate

Keigan Wemp
Photoshop 11×17 inches

Joe Kenney 'Ying and Yang'

Yin and Yang
Joe Kenney
Photoshop 11×17 inches

Emily Raite-Man vs Technology

Man Vs. Technology
Emily Raite
Photoshop 17×11 inches

Daniella Richards 'Man vs Nature'

Man Vs. Nature
Daniella Richards
Photoshop 11×17 inches

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